A downloadable game

"Take role as a presidential candidate of RGB republic, where the people of Reden, Bluenos and Greenia resides.  Choose whether you'll agree to their demands or not.. your choice will affect the votes!"

Better played with Kinect

Use your right hand or left hand to choose "YES" or "NO"

Can be played without using Kinect with "Space", "Right Arrow", "Left Arrow" keyboard keys

*Potential warning - a great deal of programmers art involved in making this

Ernes Budiman - ernesernesto@gmail.com - Programmer

William Tansil - william.tansil.90@gmail.com - Programmer

Fahmi Mursyid - fhm.mrsyd@gmail.com - Sound Designer

Annisa - Content Copywriter


iVow.zip 15 MB